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Isha Ashta is an advertising and documentary filmmaker with a deep passion for telling human stories. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Isha has established herself as a skilled and creative filmmaker who has a talent for capturing the essence of the human experience.


Isha developed an early interest in the arts, and her passion for storytelling led her to pursue a post-grad diploma in filmmaking. She has since worked on a wide range of projects, including documentaries, commercials and branded content.


Her work is characterized by her ability to connect with her subjects and capture the raw emotions that make their stories so compelling. Her love for human stories is evident in the attention she pays to detail and her commitment to finding the heart of every project she works on. With a keen eye for cinematography and a passion for post-production editing, Isha brings a unique vision and skill set to every project she takes on. She believes that every story is worth telling, and her work reflects her commitment to amplifying voices and experiences that might otherwise go unheard.


She is particularly interested in the intersection of culture, brands and storytelling. Whether you're looking to promote a product, capture a moment in time, or tell a powerful story, Isha has the expertise and creative vision to bring your vision to life. Her attention to detail and ability to connect with her subjects allows her to capture genuine moments and emotions that resonate with audiences.

She likes all things soft, strong and feminine.


WINNER, 2023


For Hershey's India 'A Hesheylicious Halloween'

Category: Best Digital Brand Video (Campaign)

BRONZE, 2018


For Horlicks 'Kuch Bhi Karega TV'

Category: Branded Content

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