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Bombay born and now living in Goa via Srinagar-Calcutta-Guwahati-Delhi where I was raised, I am the quintessential dhobi ka kutta- na ghar ka na ghat ka. I am a Mathematics honours graduate bringing my appetite for devouring numbers to stories. I like listening to people, and shucking their hard shells to reveal their inner tenderness.


I love making character-driven and narrative films. My most recent documentary project, which tells the story of Sadam Hanjabam- an LGBTQI activist and champion of mental wellness, is featured on episode 5 of 'The Me You Can't See' - a 5-part docu series on mental health, and is streaming on Apple TV+.


To my advertising work, I bring a keen eye for detail, especially on the visual-style, and a zero compromise attitude on the casting-front. I enjoy pushing performances to create authentic and engaging films.


I like all things soft, strong and feminine.


BRONZE, 2018


For Horlicks 'Kuch Bhi Karega TV'

Category: Branded Content

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